Pairing Wine and Food

Many believe the dining experience is greatly enhanced by the addition of a good glass of wine. But it needs to be the right wine. Listed below are some resources for learning how to pair wine with food (and vice versa).

Suggested books:

Another great resource is the Wine and Food Matching Wheel.

You may also want to visit this website for some ideas. Be sure to check out their Wine Board where you select from 10 food choices and the board will do the rest.

Some tips to remember when pairing food and wine:

  • Focus on the characteristics of the wine. Make sure it doesn’t “fight” with the food.
  • Don’t pair bitter food and high tannin wine.
  • As a general rule, make sure the wine is sweeter than the food (e.g., port wine and dessert).
  • Be sure the wine has a higher acidity than the food or it will taste “flabby.”

Ever tried pairing wine with chocolate? It can be a real treat. Click here to learn more.

Cheese and wine just seem to go together. To learn what cheeses go with what wines, visit this page.

Many choose champagne as their wine of choice when dining on certain foods. Learn more here.


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